Pros And Cons: The Transportation Security Administration

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Typically when an individual or loved ones travel, they feel safe and secure that they will arrive to their without interruption from a terrorist attack. This is all due to the security measures set in place by the government. Unfortunately when the average person is inconvenienced they tend to complain about it and take for granted that they get to stay alive and safe, or that everyone they love remains safe every time they travel. How would it feel to not have that sense of safety when you or a loved one travels via air? Transportation Security Administration The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created on November 19, 2001, a very short time after the terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center towers,…show more content…
This is the most known terrorist attack around the world where 2,977 people perished innocently. When the TSA was first signed into law by George Bush, it was originally controlled by the Department of Transportation. Shortly after the TSA meet is 30 required mandates, the agency was then transferred over to the Department of Homeland Security, created on November 25, 2002. (History, 2014) Since the attacks, agencies were created so fast, the training was not as effective as it is today. Pros and Cons As with any government agency, there are always pros and cons. Of course, it is much better when the pros outweigh the cons. First let address the pros, with the first being simple, we are much more secure now than we ever where when we traveled. With the TSA being a government operated agency, they have much easier access to the vast amount of resources available from other government…show more content…
Airports have the choice on whether or not they utilize the government based agency known as the TSA or contract a privatized security firm. One such airport that employs such a company is the San Francisco International Airport which contracted with Covenant Aviation Security (CAS). (Mission First, 2014) Although the firm is not government controlled, they still must adhere to the same rules and regulations that are set in place by the Department of Homeland Security. Just as the TSA, private firms have pros and cons. With a privatized company the contracting airport can add to the level of security to increase our safety. The budget is controlled from the government. It is a smaller corporation which allows the airport to hold them more directly accountable for mishaps. The company will keep a closer control of their employees because if the airport is not satisfied with the level of professionalism or security, they can simply contract to a different security firm. However, the training and resources available to a private company, lacks compared to the United States

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