The Pros And Cons Of US Border Patrol

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The United States has 11,000 Border Patrol agents with 9,500 of these agents positioned along the southern border spanning 2,000 miles. The risks to these border patrol agents are escalating quickly. Border Patrol agents have had their vehicles machine gunned, fire bombed with Molotov cocktails along with the US National Guard troops being overrun by Mexican troops guarding drug loads (USBP Today). Around 100 officers have lost their lives in the line of duty and thousands have been wounded while on duty. The US Border Patrol is on duty 24/7, never sleeping, an agent defends the United States by horseback, land, sea, and air (USBP Overview). Over 4,000 people die every year in the US according to several US Congressmen, at the hands of illegal aliens. If illegal aliens causing a motor vehicle accident are added, the number of US citizens killed is over 8,000. The tens of millions of illegal aliens inside the United States murder on average twelve people every day. Since 9/11, illegal aliens have murdered more people in the USA than were killed on 9/11 plus all of our war dead so far in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. It was found that 99% of the illegal aliens in the United States are citizen of Mexico (USBP Today).…show more content…
On top of detection and prevention of the entry of illegal aliens and contraband, agents now have to also detect and prevent terrorists and their weapons from entering the United States. The missions given to Border Patrol make their jobs very important and also very dangerous. Because people do not just wake up and decide they are going to cross the border, this actually take pre planning, and there is only one group capable of something so organized and controlled. This group is the Mexican drug cartel. The current number of illegal aliens in the United States is well of 30 million (USBP

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