Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Being An American

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Being an American exceeds just living in America, it represents freedom. Privileges available to all American people are taken for granted every day. Whether these privileges are being misused, misguided, or misunderstood they are and always will be available to all American people. Being an American includes a multitude of accomplishments, such as receiving numerous freedoms and being a birthplace of innumerable influential events in history. Although freedoms are exploited, events are neglected, and soldiers are undervalued, being an American is an overall prerogative and will always be home. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of wear to wear, and freedom to achieve specific objectives in life are just a few of the abundant freedoms that all American people have. These American freedoms are often misused in various ways, such as using the freedom of speech to intimidate others. To belittle or to threaten a person would be an example of violating the freedom of speech amendment. Even though these freedoms are misused sometimes, at least they are available to each person in America. Some countries disapprove of these privileges. For example, in Pakistan only Muslims are allowed to be President. However, in America under the freedom of religion amendment,…show more content…
Soldiers fight for strangers freedoms on a daily basis. Acknowledging that soldiers are willing to put their life on the line for the whole population is unbelieveable and a privilege. Without brave soldiers fighting to retain Americans freedoms, everyday life for an American would be very fearful. Americans would have to heed every action they made, to insure security as a result of not apprehending what will happen to them as a consequence for their

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