Pros And Cons Of Being An American

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“What does it mean to be an American?” Well, to most people this would be a hard question to answer, but the first thing that is thought of was ‘freedom.’ Americans have much more freedom than otherwise thought. United States citizens may not realize it but the amount of freedoms they have, and many times take for granted, are many. Think about the jobs, the education, the voting, religion, everything. Religion may be practiced almost anywhere at any time. Jobs are optional and education is provided for everyone. Having so many freedoms and choices, living is sometimes better than other countries. For instance, Saudi Arabia does not have national elections or political parties. That gives the citizens no choice in the leaders of the country. In America, there are both. The country holds national elections every four years to decide who will be the president. This way, almost everyone has some say in the leaders. The freedoms in the United States are limited, but there are enough freedoms to live comfortable.…show more content…
If someone says the “wrong” thing then judgment begins. If someone of a different religion does not agree with the religion of others, judgment begins again. But that is all part of being an American. There are always pros and cons to every single thing. It is almost impossible to have something without the bad part. Being an American also means duty and responsibility. There is the duty of ensuring the rights and freedoms of those around every citizen, not only by serving for the country or by taking part in the country, but there is the responsibility in participating in the elections, debates, and other public forums. Each citizen has the responsibilities of these things. Living in America is not that much different from living in most self-governed countries, other than having the right to privacy and
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