Human Structure In The Kite Runner

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The significance of understanding of the human structure varies from person to person; each human has his own way of maneuvering around a situation which they are beyond familiar experience. Individuals have a habit to lie and bail out of a problem when they are getting in major trouble. Lying and telling the truth are both natural occurring substances in every human’s mind, how much we indorse these elements depends on the person and how they cope with the situation. Khaled Hosseini the author of The Kite Runner has shown the role kindness plays when Amir attempts to determine his own destiny as a negative understanding. Amir’s attempt to redeem himself by using others fails miserably and is forced to find true happiness alone. The Kite…show more content…
Amir desire is to redeem himself in front of Baba’s eyes, he feels pathetic and small in front of him. Amir’s main struggle is to make up for his mother’s death which Baba blames him for. Amir feels like this is the main reason his happiness is being taken away from him. In the days where technology was scares and the only activity which involved a group of people was sports, fathers wanted their children to play in sports, get a professional degree and raise their family’s honor not ruin it by read and writing books. “Real men didn't read poetry – and God forbid they should ever write it! Real men – real boys – played soccer just as Baba had when he had been young.” Amir had everything in his life, however finding it was impossible for him. Hassan desperately wanted to satisfy Amir and did anything for him “a thousand times over” This quote was said to make Amir gain his self-respect he wanted, to feel like someone actually cared about him. “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.” Amir noticed this and played a huge role in changing his destiny when Hassan was getting raped; he felt like the deeds he was doing were starting to play a negative effect on his mind, his happiness was turning into guilt. To get rid of this unease feeling Amir had only had one chose to get rid of Hassan his once best friend whom he cherished the most. Amir density changed he know had Baba all to himself his happiness was now exceeding his expectations. However this wasn’t the case, Amir was feeling the opposite his happiness was a curse Amir could not feel happy from doing such a horrible deed to Hassan, the only choice he had was to rescue Sohrab in redeem his

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