Social Construction Of Childhood Sociology Essay

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Childhood studies identify the following terms to describe the formation of childhood. They consider children’s rights, agency and the social construction of childhood. Furthermore, it attempts to analyse the influence of sociology and anthropology upon childhood development. Sociologists explore the concept that ‘childhood is socially constructed’ and anthropologists state cultural studies have laid important groundwork for research on children. Sociologists extended these initial boundaries to develop a social construction of childhood. Mayall 2012 stated that rather than focusing on the norms of child development, emphasis was made on the social construction of childhood (Mayall, 2012 quoted in Tisdall and Punch, 2014). Sociologists have used the social construction approach to include children’s agency and daily activities to interpret children’s lives (James and Prout, 1990 quoted in Bass, 2006,). Critically exploring childhood development allows individuals and groups such as parents and teachers to apply evidence based strategies and techniques to support and guide…show more content…
Social constructionism looks at the social meanings given to biological differences. Berger and Luckman, 1967 first used this term to influence the way we look at the social world (Beckett and Taylor, 2010). The social world is constructed out of the interactions between individuals and groups in society and mediated through ideology and culture (Beckett and Taylor, 2010). This knowledge may assist professionals in identifying and understanding why childhoods vary. Recognising the impact of culture, family structures and change in family dynamics over time, helps professionals plan for future generations. In the past, children went to work from a young age. Children today are educated and prepared for work for later in life. They are given the chance to enjoy childhood which is a time for play and fun. (Montgomery,

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