The Importance Of Sleep In Homer's Odyssey '

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1. Note when Odysseus sleeps or is asked to sleep. Name some implications of sleep. In what ways could Homer be using sleep as structure or symbol? When Odysseus is sleeping there is generally a certain realization when he awakens, such as when he awoke on his native land: “Odysseus, meanwhile, / Awoke from his sleep in his ancestral land- / And did not recognize it. He had been gone so long,” (13. 194-196). Odysseus did not know where he was or if the land was even populated with cultured people. From what I understood, Homer uses sleep as a way of transitioning into a new topic in an intriguing way. At least for me, it is typically more entertaining when a character simply lands in a foreign land with no means of protection rather than just finds the land without hardship. Sleep is also used as a mean of making phenomena appear believable, for example when Athena brought peace to Penelope: “Penelope went upstairs, / to her softly lit rooms and wept for Odysseus, / Her beloved husband, until grey-eyed Athena / Cast sweet sleep upon the woman’s eyelids.” (16. 483-486). There is little interpretation of how the goddess put the poor woman to sleep, and it leaves the rest to imagination. 2.…show more content…
Why do you suppose Odysseus fails to recognize Ithaca when he gets home? I have read about the reason behind this in a previous book, The Lightning Thief. Rick Riordan gave hints about something called the mist, also seen when Athena revealed the true physical appearance of Ithaca to Odysseus: “As she spoke, the goddess dispelled the mist.” (13. 364). Both authors gave small hints of the use of the mist, which is a way that gods shield human eyes from certain things. Odysseus could not recognize Ithaca because the goddess did not want him to recognize it until she was sure that his or his son’s lives were not in danger of the horrible suitors. 3. Why do you think Homer includes so much talk about fathers and sons at the beginning of book

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