Psychological Disorder Paper

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Psychological Disorder Paper 1) State the diagnostic code and the name of the psychological disorder and why this disorder is of interest to you. Diagnostic Code 309.81 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. (Attached is a copy of the diagnostic code photo copied from the DSM-V) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is interesting to me because I personally have witness the impact PTSD does to friends and family in my life. My father suffered a heart attack and shortly after his surgery, he started suffering nightmares and he didn’t want to sleep for fear that he wouldn’t wake up. I had friends that came back from Iraq who would have an onset of irritability and aggression. Or for me personally, being touched in a certain way or if I get yelled at by my boss, it would cause me to “shut down” and I’d start to cry. All these years I thought I was crazy but understanding more of my condition allowed me to free myself from these invisible shackles and allow me to help others around me. 2) Describe the following biological and physiological factors…show more content…
I had an extreme and irrational fear of spiders (arachnophobia). I couldn’t stand seeing spiders in photographs, as toys much less in real life. My heart rate would elevate, I’d start to sweat and my anxiety would kick in. I wanted to not be controlled by this fear any longer because my own family started to use this fear against me. So, I used the Exposure therapy method on myself. I would look at different images of arachnids (in a small screen and keeping my distance) for a certain period of time. As the images played, I felt that the spiders would come to life and crawl on me. I would then use the Anxiety management method and calm myself down when my anxiety started to raise. Then using cognitive therapy, I would look at the images of these spiders and say one positive thing about them. As my anxiety was barely detectable I would then take the next step into my
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