What You Pawn I Will Redeem Character Analysis Essay

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We live in a society where money is extremely important. In today’s society people are taught to put away as much of their money as they can. It is unlikely for people to be generous enough to share their money. In Sherman Alexie’s “What You Pawn I Will Redeem”, his main character, Jackson Squared is the complete opposite from the people of today. Jackson is a caring, and optimistic homeless man who does not find money to be an important value. Instead, Jackson shows us that he takes pleasure in sharing what little money he has with others. Jackson stumbles upon a Pawn Shop where he sees a regalia hanging in the window and he is certain it is his grandmothers. Jackson then goes on a mission to try and collect one thousand dollars to buy back the regalia. With having two dollars and fifty cents Jackson goes to the Korean grocery store and buys two lottery tickets. He is confident that he will win five hundred dollars in each ticket. This shows how optimistic Jackson is, unlike other people who do not expect to win anything in a lottery ticket. Of course, Jackson does not win the one thousand dollars, instead he wins one hundred dollars. In which, he ends up giving twenty dollars to Mary the cashier. This illustrates, that…show more content…
There Jackson says “I walked into Big Heart’s and counted fifteen Indians . . . how much for whiskey shots” (Alexie 18-19). This shows that Jackson already had the intentions of sharing his money with other people at the bar. Which is obvious to readers that Jackson does not care about saving his money. Even though, he was supposed to be collecting money, he goes and spends it. On the other hand, people would not walk into a bar and offer to buy drinks for everyone. Instead, they would hope someone else would offer to buy the drinks. Jackson is the opposite, he would rather spend the money and have a good time than to worry that he is wasting money on other

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