Professionalism In Healthcare

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Professionalism is important for anybody who is planning on working in the health care field. Being professional depends on five different characteristics such as professional attitude, behaviors, skills, appearance, and distance (Mitchell and Haroun 2012). What many people do not realize is that professionalism not only applies to many careers, but also to college students. More and more colleges and universities are putting a stronger emphasis on professionalism in the workplace by holding formal ceremonies such as white coat ceremonies and pinning ceremonies (Duke et al.) There is a strong connection between professionalism as college students, and professionalism while working in the health care field. Of the five qualities of professionalism, professional attitude refers to the way a person thinks about someone or something. When working in health care, it is crucial that individuals focus more on the patient welfare and what they can give to the patient rather than themselves. Professional attitudes in the health care workplace can be expressed by the following: Always being committed to your work, never putting your personal issues or emotions before the patient, and developing self…show more content…
Professional behaviors are demonstrated by being reliable, flexible, obedient, courteous, and organized. To behave professionally one must have good communication skills, behave ethically, and always remain calm (Mitchell and Haroun 2012). Professional behavior in the health care field and in a college setting are closely related. A college student might display professional behavior by being dependable if they have a job, always arriving to class on time, being polite to professors and classmates and treating everyone with respect, and completing all assignments on time. Having good professional behaviors can not only help you in college with grades and internships, but can also help you excel in the

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