Le Morte D Arthur: The Knights Of The Round Table

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The tales of King Arthur and his noble Knight of the Round Table have been told for generations. However, the chivalric code these knights are told to have lived by was not always a reality. In actuality there are many extreme differences between the way knights were supposed to act, and how they actually acted. In the tales of King Arthur every knight lived morally, honorably, loyally while in reality these morals and values quickly deteriorated throughout society. For years and years the legends of King Arthur and his heroic deeds were told without actually being compiled into a book. Although his true identity is not certain, Le Morte D'Arthur is credited as having been written by Sir Thomas Mallory. The conclusion of Le Morte D'Arthur states "I pray you all praye for my soule; for this book was ended in the ix yere of the reygne of kyng edward the fourth by syr Thomas Maleore knyght" (Thomas Mallory Biography). This is all the information scholars have been able to gather as whether Mallory is the true author of Le Morte D'Arthur or not. There are…show more content…
This is especially evident in the stories of Chancon de Roland and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Chivalry). These are just a few example of how often Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table showed acts of chivalry. Sir Thomas Mallory highlighted these acts of chivalry while writing Le Morte D'Arthur. The values that the Code of Chivalry honors is piety, honor, valor, courtesy, chastity, and loyalty. Piety refers to being religious. Knights often showed their devotion to God through symbols on their clothing or armor. Honor and valor in battle was highly shown in battle. Knights were expected to fight with honor and valor while still showing mercy and compassion to the enemy or opponent. They were also courteous and chaste toward women. The Knights of the Round Table were extremely loyal to Arthur as well as loyal to each other

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