Loyalty In Chrétien De Troyes Erec And Enide

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Chivalry was expected for the nobles of the Middle Ages to possess. More specifically, people who were chivalrous were expected to be loyal. Loyalty includes being faithful to God and the kingdom, having respect for authority and the law, and being true to one’s love. In Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec and Enide, Enide is the epitome of loyalty. She is represented as a loving wife who will do anything if it means keeping her husband out of harms way. Enide is first shown to be loyal when she tells her husband of the rumors circulating about him. “In this land they all say -- the dark, the fair, and the ruddy -- that it is a great pity that you should renounce your arms; your reputation has suffered from it. Every one used to say not long ago that in all the world there was known no better or more gallant knight. Now they all go about making game of you -- old and young, little and great -- calling you a recreant. ” This proves her loyalty because she had been crying for her husband earlier, and to tell him about this pained her even more. Enide had to deal with the struggle of being able to keep her husband all to herself and sacrificing his knightly standing or telling him that his reputation was suffering. She decided the best option, the loyal option, is to tell her betrothed…show more content…
At first she thought she had done him a disservice and this made her extremely upset. “But I have yet a greater grief, that I shall no longer see my lord, who loved me with such tenderness that there was nothing he held so dear. The best man that was ever born had become so wrapped up in me that he cared for nothing else. ” She wants nothing but to be with him, she is devoted to him. Her devotion is why she remains so loyal to him. She accompanies he husband, even though she does not know where they are going or what they are doing. Her love and trust for him is what propels her to follow

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