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Music has a powerful control over your brain , which can easily change your mood . Music has been used for centuries as a way to boost your mood, restore your energy and even help the body heal. When you think about the question can music affect the listener many thoughts run through your mind. You might agree or disagree with this question ,but in my opinion I feel that music can affect the listener in many positive or negative ways . Some people like to listen to a particular genre or artist based upon the mood that they are in . For example , when I listen to my favorite R&B artist which is Beyonce I always feel the urge to get up and dance . Sometimes I even feel like I am on the same stage with her singing right along with the lyrics.…show more content…
Country music has not just affected adults mood it has also affected young teenagers. This is one of the genres that makes you think about your life . Country singer Faith Hill once said , “ Country music is the people's music . It speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are .”( . That is why people are attracted to country music it speaks from their souls and tells a story through the lyrics . Country music changes your mood from sad, happy , or depressed. “Sad country songs connect with fans because the songs let listeners know they're not alone with their feelings of heartache, disappointment , loneliness, grief, and depression” (Shuda). Some country songs change your mood to a feeling of depression. “Country music has been linked to depression and suicide” . (whswavemusic) I personally get depressed while listening to Taylor Swift . She has a particular song that she wrote name Ronan , that is a very sad and depressing song . The song talks about the life of a little boy whose life was cut short because he was diagnosed with Cancer. The song affected a lot of people moods,especially when Taylor Swift performed it on the Stand Up to Cancer telethon . Many people felt the sadness in the lyrics of the song

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