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Professional profile I am a kind of person with lot of helping mentality to others, whenever they need some help. It doesn’t matter it’s a friend of mine or not. This helps me to choose my profession towards nursing after my secondary school and some health care programs from UK and am happy that now am in DSW program at Fanshawe. I have an experience of 6 years in the field and I love being on this field. Health care field needs lot of energetic traits which support the work and bring satisfaction to the client every time I help them. All my positive traits help’s me in giving a better result for my clients. During my prior experience as a Registered nurse, I have provided direct care to the clients like monitoring and recording behavioral changes to help the health…show more content…
My traits like flexibility, patience, polite will help me to have a good relation with the client and place I am working for. Flexibility To be a successful DSW on the field, I think flexibility is one of the main traits we need. As I have to deal with different types of clients and co-workers we need to be flexible with the situations. What Flexibility I mean in is that I need to have a time management. Sometimes I have to work over times if any worker didn’t turn up or for any emergency cases. So I think flexibility is an important trait in the field. Patience Being patience allows finding the correct method to do things; it helps me to find the right path whenever I am in some stress. I think Patients is one of the main factor needed while working as a DSW, because there will be lot of tension demanding works and situations going on while on work. This trait will allow me to get rid of all those problems and I can do my work happily. My character shows that I have patience in approaching new methods of things to do in my work and person will like the way I am doing it for supporting

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