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READINGS IN HINDI LITERATURE [LAN318] TERM PAPER AN ANALYSIS OF THE WORKS OF ASAD ZAIDI Lavanya Arora 201130071 INDEX 1. A brief Introduction 2. Major Works 2.1 Some representative poems 2.2 Some poems from सामान की तलाश 2.3 Some poems from बहनें और अन्य कविताएँ 2.4 Some poems from कविता का जीवन 3. An analysis of his technique 4. Miscellaneous Works 4.1 Publisher 4.2 Columnist 4.3 Social Activist 5. References 1. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION : Asad Zaidi is among the best-known contemporary Hindi poets today. He is famous for his own writing style. He was born in Rajasthan but is living in Delhi since the past 35 years. His interests extend to education, literary criticism, occasional social commentary and publishing. 2.…show more content…
It is her account of coping up with the void a loved one leaves behind. पहले से ज़्यादा मुक्त हूँ . उस झाँय झाँय को पीछे छोड़कर : She feels free now, but misses the happy moments they spent together. वह मुझे धोखा देने चक्कर में रहता था मैं उसे ज़हर देने की सोचती थी : A very typical modern lovestory is depicted. A lot of people can connect with this. The occasional problems in marriage are also discussed here. मुझे लगा मेरा तो सब कुछ चला गया : He was her everything. A line which most Indian women can relate to. यूनिवर्सिटी के हलक़ में हाथ डालकर : A comment on the state of academia is made here. Being from JNU himself, he is not unknown to these issues of academic vanity much prevalent in the Delhi air. पर बात यह है कि वह मुझे समझता था और मैं भी उसे ख़ूब जानती थी , सोचती हूँ ऐसी गहरी पहचान बेमेल लोगों में ही होती है : A sarcastic comment. When others think their pair was not compatible, she believes that she knew him very well and so did…show more content…
Zaidi seems to portray this quality effortlessly. What I incessantly like about his works is the simplicity of his technique and his unique writing style. Usage of such simple, subordinate and everyday symbols like the newspaper, an empty stomach etc to make extremely powerful and long lasting statements, is an art in its own. Prolific use of metaphors like शुक्ल जी, who is just not any random Mr. Shukla on the road, but one of the many strong Hindu voices which detests muslims; पश्चिम की तरफ़ मुँह करने वाली क़ौमें for signifying muslims across the world; ख़ाली पेट for signifying emptiness in life; महाराजा for the current government in place, etc has been made. Fearlessness, simplicity and modesty, are the things which scream out of his writings. He has certain established convictions about particular things and he continues to keep a firm stand in all of his works regarding those issues. Whether it is appreciation or criticism, one can expect it in full measure from Zaidi. His adherence to moral principles along with clarity and firmness in thought and lucidity in expression give him a special honorary place in today's

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