Childhood Accomplishment Report

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Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family. (650 limit) We are often left choices to decide rather take remain a young clueless child or move headstrong towards adulthood, while knowing that whatever choice one makes can be not be changed. I was left the mere decision that no one child should choose to forgo their childhood to become what someone else was suppose to already be. It was compiling to see how fast I lost the chance to be remain a child and I would instead face reality as an adult. Ironically, it is very humorous to see how others associate the word, childlike, when I only show them a mask. A mask that deceives others…show more content…
It a memory that I can easily relive and it was at that point, where I realized how useless of a child I was that I could not do anything. All I could do was wait in my bedroom and watch some cartoons or played video games in order to escape reality. Consequently, my family members tried to bring reassurance that everything is fine and there is nothing wrong occurring, but I knew there is was cloud above my head that kept telling me that my father is dying. I was left out of the loop out of my what my family ruled as “adult talk” and I should not bother to even listen, since I was a child. Being an outcast of information only fueled my fear that I may lose my father and grew anger due to that I could nothing to help him. Ironically, I was just what my family members stated that I indeed was just a child, but I was a child that wanted to know the truth and wanted to know to how to cure him. One can not callously place a circumstance, where a child can only lose her one father, and continually exclude her. Subsequently, I referred to this event as the darkest period of time of life because the fear of never having my father by my side and the idea that he may never attend my graduation. Never ending fears and the inability to do nothing to cure him advanced the mentality of a young child into an

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