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Current Strategies Consumer Evaluation As an international brand, Bata has adopted the cross-market segmentation to study the local market. This approach allows Bata to subdivide the consumer into country-based since different countries have the different economic environment, political environment and cultural environment. In the local market, Bata segmented their consumer based on the demographic, psychographic and geographic factors. Generally, gender, age and income differentiated under the demographic factors. Bata footwear is specially designed for male and female where the product ranges are available from a kid to an adult. Next, the lower middle-income consumers are their main target. In term of psychographic factors, Bata offered vast choices of footwear such as shoe, sandals and boots to satisfy the consumer needs. In fact, the consumer can easily get their preferable footwear in the store based on their personal interest. In term of geographic factors, Bata segmented the consumers by the area where the stores located in both urban and rural area. For instance, Bata set up the stores in the rural area of India not only for the convenient of local consumer whereas further promote their brand.…show more content…
Bata had targeted the consumers who are price conscious and the youngster who looking for trendy and affordable footwear. In general, the entire market with mostly the household family was their target market. Lastly, Bata positioned themselves as a one-stop footwear retailer for the household family. They can offer the affordable price to the family meanwhile provide the comfort footwear experience to the

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