Persuasive Speech On Procrastination

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If you find that you tick the first statements as answers to any of these 10 questions that fit your circumstances, congratulation! You’re steering clear of procrastination. If you tick second boxes as answers to about half or more of the questions that concern you, you’re not procrastinating yet, but you’ll soon have a problem with it if the trend continues. If you tick the third box, my friend you’re a procrastinator and you need to work on it. If you tick the second to the last box. Your situation requires a serious and urgent attention and you must do more than reading this book, you must study it. If you tick the last box, you’re a chronic procrastinator. Do something drastic immediately! Is it really possible to get rid of procrastination? Well, I can’t be emphatic on this. The truth is that everyone procrastinates at some point in his or her life. However, my experience in assisting procrastinators has shown me that you can overcome procrastination regardless of the seriousness of your case, or the case of anyone you know. You can deal with it but it’s not easy. However,…show more content…
But he would later become uncomfortable with them since he won’t be able to discipline himself to do what they do. That was the case of Chris, who has now become my good friend. He used to admire workers who are organized but didn’t know how to be organized. He was impressed by the hardworking folks but could not successfully imitate them. At some point, he was no longer comfortable with them. He was feeling threatened. During my discussion with him, I helped him realize that what was preventing him from following the good examples is procrastination. He later agreed with the Australian composer of the 1870s, Gene Hayden, who says, “Following-through is the only thing that separates dreamers from people that accomplish great things.” Happily, he doesn’t have this problem anymore and he is one of the hard

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