Short Speech On Procrastination

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Something was stealing away his time. And what was that? The usual suspect: procrastination, the thief of time. If you find that you fit into the same shoes with my friend, you too are a procrastinator. Have you been “planning” to tidy up your garage for some time now? Maybe you’ve been thinking of straightening up your desk for some weeks. Well, if you realize that you’re a procrastinator, don’t let that be your source of despair. I have good news for you: You’ve got plenty of company. Procrastination, the putting things off, or postponing, or call it whatever name you like to call it, is certainly among the most common weaknesses that have been observed in humans. There’s hardly anyone who hadn’t told himself or herself at one time or the…show more content…
Consider some of the reasons below. Laziness is the commonest reason people give for procrastinating. They conclude that the lazy one always has reasons not to do what he ought to do at the right time. But you know what? Not every professional will agree with you on that. And I think you’ll have to prove it to me too. Let’s now get down to the real reason for procrastination. 1. Overconfidence Do you think of overconfidence? Do you think it can pass? Yes. Overconfidence can pass as a major reason for procrastination in many people. The overconfident ones poorly estimate the challenges ahead of them and fail to “make hay while the sun shines,” as the saying goes. This reminds me of a brilliant schoolmate who became overconfident because of his knowledge and skills. This led him to procrastination. While all of us were busy working on our assignments, he would be putting his own off until the last minute, assuring himself that he could finish it in a few hours. Things seemed normal for this guy as he usually found it easier than most of us to answer exams questions. Unfortunately for him, there was an assignment that took a different twist. And as usual, he started working on it at the last minute, not knowing that it was more complicated than he thought. Thus, he couldn’t submit his assignment before the deadline. He was not graded and he had rerun that

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