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Do you have damaged hair? Do you have cracked hair? Then there is a natural best hair treatment for damaged hair. Yes If you use Avocado fruit, all the eyes will be on your hair uh… Generally, you will notice some symptoms which indicate that your hair is beginning to deteriorate. The major symptom that you notice is the splits in your hair follicles. Your hair loses the shininess and becomes dull. Moreover, you will find your soft hair turning rough. Why does your hair split? Your hair tends to split because of the external damages caused to your hair. Generally, what do you do when you see your hair is split? The first thing you do is to cut your hair and ultimately, length of your hair reduces. Instead of cutting the hair the best thing…show more content…
Avocado – The Best hair treatment for damaged hair Plenty of amino acid present in Avocado fruit maintains the moisture in your hair. Moreover, the natural oils present to make the hair shiny by removing the dryness. These Properties cures your hair damage, in turn, prevents hair split. Minerals and vitamins The vitamins A .B6, D & E and minerals copper and iron present revitalize and protect the hair follicles and help hair to grow. The antioxidant vitamin E removes the bad free radicals and increase the hair…show more content…
This Fruit even revitalizes and strengthens the dead hair follicles and aids for faster hair growth. 7 tips using Avocado fruit for The Best hair treatment for damaged hair 1.Milk You can take a ripe fruit and smash it to paste in a container. Add 2 spoons of raw cow milk in the container and mix thoroughly. Apply the mix onto your hair and scalp and soak thoroughly for thirty minutes. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo. You can do this treatment for two to three times a month. If you do this treatment regularly you can notice the disappearance of the split hair. 2.

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