Short Story: Never Grow Up

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ANGGITA DWI PRIMASIWI 1300913 CLASS 2 B1 WRITING FOR GENERAL COMMUNICATION 2 THE STORY OF MEMORABLE SONG Never Grow Up Decades ago, in Pennsylvania, there was a couple; John and Anne, who lived happily as a husband and a wife. Though they had to wait for a quiet long time to have a baby, they never regret it, since the one whom they waited for was worth the waiting. As the baby was born, much of luckiness came to them, the baby also brought along more happiness to John and Anne’s life., and they named her Taylor. Now, John and Anne felt completed. With all their hearts, they raised Taylor. Since Taylor’s presence has been waited for a quiet long time, her parent never missed even a second to accompany her, especially John. He gave most of his time for Taylor. He taught Taylor how to play guitar and how to ride a bike, he taught her everything. John also protected Taylor from anything that could harm her. Like in a dreamland, Taylor’s days were full of joy, it seemed like there was nothing to be worried about as long as she had her father by her side. To Taylor, her Father, John, was her hero. Taylor grew up to be a pretty girl with a beautiful voice. She was adorable. Unlike the…show more content…
By acting like a child, it will not prevent you from growing up. Your daddy would not be proud of you if he sees you like this” said Anne. “But Daddy said he wanted me not to grow up”, replied Taylor. “You got it wrong, my dear. Look, what your Daddy was trying to say is, he wanted you to always be her little girl who always made him proud. Long before your Daddy passed away, you were everyone’s favorite, remember?”, explained Anne. Then, Taylor nodded her head. “You behaved well, you had good manners, and everyone liked you. Those are what your father meant by saying that he wanted you not to grow up, he wanted you to stay like that being everyone’s favorite due to your good personality and attitudes” added
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