The Pros And Cons Of Procrastination

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Name: Li Xin Student ID: 2015461078 Procrastination These scenes might be familiar to most people: repeatedly delaying diet plan to tomorrow, shopping for essential items at the last minute, doing laundry only when running out of clothes, returning library books past the due date, wasting time on entertainment when preparing for exams, doing assignments just before they are to be submitted, etc. All the above behaviors belong to the category of procrastination, the act of postponing essential task to a later time, sometimes even to the "last minute" before a deadline, despite expecting to be worse off for the delay. It is quite common among people, especially office workers and students, who must handle with series of work or academic tasks in their daily life. Procrastination adversely affects people’s life to a large extent. For instance, procrastinators may…show more content…
Instead, you will wind up expending all your energy in the here and now, with nothing to guide you towards productivity. II: Methods to Overcome Procrastination 1. Always Spend the First 30 Minutes of the Day on Work Does this sound familiar: you start the work day or study session by telling yourself “I’m just going to check email or Facebook for five minutes, then I’m going to get to work”. Before you know it, five minutes has dragged into two hours, and two hours has dragged into four hours, and you realize you’ve spent half your day sucked into a never-ending loop of checking email, social media, YouTube, and your favorite viral news sites? The first 30 minutes of your day should be spent doing work. If you need to check email or your social news sites, do it once you’ve established a good work groove and you’ll find it much easier to shut it off. Or better yet, block distractions out completely until you’re done. 2. Don't place too much pressure on yourself and embrace

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