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GLOBAL IMMERSION AND GLOBAL AWARENESS (GIGA) REFLECTIVE PAPER Success of BMW in INDIA Kalash Gupte MJ18CMM032 • Introduction of B.M.W ( Bavarian Motor Works) B.M.W is German automobile manufacturing company, well-known and prestigious brand in all around the world. It was started in March 1916 by Karl Rapp its main headquarters is in Munich. They produced motor cars almost all around the world they are also the 12th largest motor vehicles producing company with almost more than 2,279,503.The long term shareholders are the Quandt family and the rest are the public float. In the 1916 BMW used to produce Aircraft engine. BMW’s can be track by 3 different companies Rapp Motorenwerke, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and Automobilwerk Eisenach…show more content…
The fluctuations of GDP directly effects in the spending of the customers. When there is a financial crisis there is a sudden change In the customers spending which effects the BMW group in various ways • Social – The social factors in India also affects BMW in various ways the changes in demographic as well as culture . The change also affects the buyer in different way. BMW mostly aims in producing low fuel efficiency of fuel and maximum utilisation of the car. BMW group makes continuous effort to keep a track on the on ,going demand and the preferences of the customers and then produces the product according to the preferences of the customers. • Technological – The technological factors make BMW different from the other competitors so various technological aspects are brought in their vehicles to make them unique. The new design which has launched in India is less pollution which don’t degrade the environment or harm it. So technology in the BMW is efficient and enhances the quality and functionality for…show more content…
of the firm. The horizontal lines shows the cost pressure of the BMW and the cost competiveness and the y axis which is the horizontal shows the pressures of local responsiveness of the customers. BMW uses Transnational Strategy in India as the pressure of local customers are high and the cost pressure is also high the transnational strategy used by BMW group in all country are different as the demand and the price varies in different countries and even the segments of motor vehicle changes in different countries. So the BMW conducts business through various degrees such as co-ordination and integration of operations and strategies which are very useful for the survival in India as it is an big market. The transnational strategy of BMW consist global reach and operation with unique advantage of local market to increase sales and profits . The BMW group in India also looks after the environment which is an important aspect in transnational strategy. Branding of BMW is consistent which has its own characteristics and specification. Contingency planning is also a part of transnational strategy of BMW which is always ready to fight with the natural disaster and they always have a back- up option and alternative plans but it depends on the customers. BMW is a multi- national company which works in different countries but the decision making and

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