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Acacia Gillespie Melanie Hinton HUM 1010-03 10 April 2015 Trials and Tribulation Throughout life each one of us will have trials and difficulties we will have to face. We don't choose them nor do we want to face them but its the circle of life. The key to each difficult situation is how we deal with them and remembering that there is a great plan of happiness in the end. All through this class, we have talked about different epics and stories and in them have been characters who have faced many battles, deaths and sufferings. The characters in each story handled there situations differently and in the end the way the handled it determined if they either grew and learned from the lesson or if they allowed the lesson to defeat them. The…show more content…
In this epic, there is a great and powerful Greek hero named Odysseus who sought out many adventures in his travels. He is one who went through various treacherous battles. Odyssey is both a spiritual and physical hero in a sense. He overcame so many extreme dangers and always came out alive. All through Odyssey’s voyage, the thing that got him through it all, I believe, is the thought of returning home to his wife and home. Sometimes when life hits us hard, it’s the people around us and who love us who help us get through these trials. Not only were Odyssey’s trials tough ones but he also defies immortality twice on his journey. Just like Beowulf, Odyssey fought through all of his trials and in the end, he was known as an amazing Greek…show more content…
First, they both have a never ending courage that keeps them going throughout each one of their epics. Second, they both have someone that they are fighting for and obviously care about and are committed to, or they won’t be fighting for them in the first place. In Beowulf, he is fighting all his battles for his men, The Danes. He loves the Danes and thinks of them as family so he fights the monsters so that they are protected and cannot be terrorized. In the Odyssey, Odysseus is fighting to get back home to his wife, Penelope. It may not say it in the epic exactly, but from my analysis of the epic, it seems to be that he gets through each battle so that in the end he is reunited with his loving Penelope. Third, both of the men in these epics have a great deal of physical strength. Not just your average joe could get through the trials that each one of these heroes has to face. They have mighty power and ability to do so. Both of these epics show people today that we can get through the hardest times. We just need to have a great amount of courage, commitment our purpose, along with faith and believe in

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