How Did The Nile River Affect People's Life

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Life of the Nile Ancient civilizations along the Nile had their years of unity which came along with great power. Prime examples of this are the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Nubia. The Nile was a fabulous home for such civilizations for all the necessities and resources the river continuously provided for its settlers. The Egyptians claimed and used these resources provided by the great river for many years. Life of the Nile was not an easy lifestyle to live but the river made this lifestyle a possibility and choice. The Nile has seen many lives taken and many lives birthed, many different people come and go, the Nile has seen many governments rise and fall, many homes structured and then abandoned. This great river has seen…show more content…
The Nile River provided a reliable water source for farming and a way for them to be connected to the Mediterranean Sea and sub-Saharan Africa, the river playing a massive role in shaping these civilizations. Egypt’s larger and more important cities constructed at the tip of the delta. The Nile River was very special with the reason as of why so many people have been able to live along the banks and live well together. This was able to happen because of the Nile “Miracle” or annual flooding. The flooding of the Nile was gradual and normally predictable and this annual flood was seen as a marvelous event rather than being disastrous. The Nile rises in the summer from rains in Central Africa, crested in Egypt in September and October, and leaves a deposit of silt that fertilizes the soil (Textbook pg.16). This silt is what made Egypt grow so large and become plentiful with necessities. The silt that was left behind by the annual flood would fertilize the ground so well crops would grow immensely dense. Even with this flood of the Nile organized irrigation was still necessary which the small villages that were living this way wouldn’t have to make large interventions to have their farming system work properly. The Nile served as more than just help with crops, in the ancient civilizations the Nile was the fastest way to travel through the land which played a role in making

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