Characteristics Of Big Data Management

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Introduction During these technological eras, big data management has becoming important. Big data is defined as large amount of data which requires new technologies and architectures to make possible to extract value from it by capturing and analysis process. Big Data has emerged because we are now living in a society that has increasing use of data as well as the emergence of the intensive technologies. In addition, since big data is a recent upcoming technology in the market which can bring huge benefits to the various types of organization, as well as the both of Information Technology Department (ITD) and Information System Department (ISD), it becomes necessary to understand and identify the various issues as well as challenges associated…show more content…
So do the big data. The big data also have some characteristic that may classify them into several terms and the big data can be put into several main characteristics which are: • Volume: The “big” word appears in the big data it has defines the volume. Data volume measures the amount of data available to an organization, which does not necessarily have to own all of it as long as it can access it. • Velocity: Velocity in the big data somehow is a concept that deals with the speed of the data that are coming from various sources. However, this characteristic is not being limited just to the speed of incoming data but also restricted to the speed at which the data flows and collected. • Variety: Variety can be defined as a measurement of the richness of the data representation which includes text, images video, audio, etc. Data being produced is not of single category as it not only includes the traditional data but also the semi structured data from various resources like web Pages, Web Log Files, social media sites, e-mail,…show more content…
Compliance and security: In big data application as well as big data environment especially certain domains, more data are accumulated especially about individuals. Hence, there is a fear that certain organizations will know too much about individuals. As for example, data collected in electronic health record systems in accordance with some provisions is already raising concerns about violations of one’s privacy. It is also related to the data stored in the Information Technology Department (ITD) or Information System Department (ISD) of an organization that may filed or stored confidential matters regarding the staff and the organization themselves. Moreover, by developing algorithms, that randomize personal data which arisen among a large data set enough to ensure privacy is a key research problem. So that the department should highlight the key problem which is how much of this information – either original or derived – do we want to remain private? It is clearly stated that, some big data must be secured with respect to privacy and security laws and regulations. Other than that, the department also focused more on the privacy, compliance-driven, custodial, and confidential as well as

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