Australian Red Cross Marketing Strategy

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Australian Red Cross is a not for profit organization, which works with the most vulnerable people in Australia and worldwide. Here in this market plan the main objective is to increase the number of volunteers in Red Cross from JCU Townsville by giving more brand awareness through the social media marketing and online communications. A quick market overview revealed the current status, number of students, their background and statistics. Marketing segmentation will give an idea about the demography, geographical location, psychographics and behavioural characteristics of the target market. All the way through this marketing plan will reflect the importance of online social media marketing and their impacts on the youngsters. From the market…show more content…
The advanced market analysis is done by PESTLE, SWOT and the marketing mix (7 Ps). They categorise and give a clean idea about the different sectors of the market. Every market has their own ways to raise their fund, here in this marketing plan, which reveals the marketing ideas for how they raise their fund for their service and volunteering activities. Of course there should be some competitors for every organization. Market overview will give an idea about the direct and indirect competitors of Australian Red Cross. Marketing strategies will be implemented in a time frame of 12 months to increase the number of volunteers to 50 from students of JCU Townsville. Budgeting portrays distribution of the $50,000 for the implementation of the strategies for the success of the objectives. It is transparent marketing plan on Australian Red Cross to execute their objectives and to implement them on the right place within the right time…show more content…
• Unity- it reflects the harmony among the members of the Red Cross society in a country or territory. Red Cross society is always opened to all types of humanitarian jobs. • Universality- Throughout the world, Red Cross community serves their own fingerprints by sharing equal responsibilities and duties. • Humanity- Red Cross main goal is to protect human life and health and give much respect to each human being. And thereby prevent human sufferings and to further promotes peace amongst everyone. • Voluntary service- Service to the society always should be voluntary, that should not be a matter or a desire for gain something. • Impartiality- Red Cross-always gives more priority for the vital cases; there is no discrimination for the opinions. In concern with North Queensland, more than 10,000 clients gets needed service from Red Cross Australia. Red Cross is active in most of the cities of North Queensland mainly in Townsville, Mackay, Ayr, Ingham, Richmond, Charter Towers, Proserpine and Mount Isa. They are well known in Australia and especially for the regional areas. Their main services includes homelessness services, Tele chat, Tele Cross, wellbeing centres, Trauma teddies, Australian Red Cross emergency services, Blood services, and different retail shops etc. (Australian Red Cross North Queensland,

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