The Positive Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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The sacrifice of health and poor work hours during the Industrial Revolution eventually led to the advanced high tech life we live. The Revolution strengthened the economy by making production easier and quicker allowing for more money to be made. The Revolution really struck ground in a new type of technology which influenced the devices we still use today. Finally sacrifices of health further allowed for the industrial revolution to thrive. Although the Industrial Revolution brought disease and poor living conditions, ultimately the Industrial Revolution was a progressive time because of advancement in the economics, technology, and the cultural exchange which affected people worldwide. The Industrial Revolution was a time of advancement in England starting in about the mid-1700s and ending in the early 1800s. It was known as the Industrial Revolution due to the advancement in textiles and the opening of many factories in big cities. The revolution began in England…show more content…
The steam engine brought forth two main uses that benefited the economy. Andrew Ure a physician and chemist wrote, “They create a vast demand for fuel; and, while they lend their powerful arms to drain the pits and to raise the coals, they call into employment multitudes of miners, engineers, ship-builders, and sailors, and cause the construction of canals and railways.” This quote explains how the engines give two benefits by creating more jobs and collecting coals. During this time the economy was flourishing which allowed “...Travel cheaply from place to place, and not only travel at less expense, but travel ten times quicker than two hundred years ago.” This document shows how the Industrial Revolution made life cheaper and quicker than it needed to be. With many jobs coming about and people being able to travel all over their country showed the prosperous economy of
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