Principles Of Learning: Evaluate Learning Resources To Support Development

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2.1 - Explain the principles of how people learn There are several key principles of learning which are readiness, exercise, effect, primacy, recency, intensity, freedom and requirement. Readiness You learning improves when you’re ready for it, meaning you’re physically and mentally ready to learn. If you have clear goals and a strong purpose to learn something, it is easier to make progress when motivation is low. It is important to be proper rested and in good health as your basic needs must be satisfied if you’re to be ready to learn. Exercise It is stated that if you do something repeatedly, then you’re more likely to remember it. You are more likely to retain information and learn best when you have practice and repetition. You cannot learn a complex task in one session. Effect Effect is all about using emotion to encourage learning. You’re learning ability may increase when accompanied by a…show more content…
I am someone who learns best when doing some-thing rather than observing it. For example with my job, I learn more from working on real life pro-jects rather than just reading about from a book. 2.3 - Evaluate learning resources to support development Books This applies to textbooks, workbooks, non-fiction books and even novels which can all be used in some way for research and development. The main advantages of using books to support devel-opment are that they contain authoritative information. This means that they can include as broad amount of research, historical data, overviews and expert views. With a book, you can usually do a more in-depth amount of research on your particular topic. The main disadvantage of books it is difficult to keep them up to date. Because writing and publish-ing books can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, it can often take years to get it out to the public. So, if you require research on a more recent topic, you may have difficulty using books for development.

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