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Chapter 1 Topic: LIBRARY RESOURCES USAGE AMONG UITM KEDAH UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT 1.1.1 Background Of The Study A library is a collection of sources, resources and services and the structure in which it is housed, it is organised for the use and maintained by a public body an institution, or a private the more traditional sense a library is a collection of can mean the collection the building or room that houses such a collection, or both. The term “library” has itself acquired a secondary meaning: “a collection of useful material for common use,” and in this sense is used in field such as mathematic, statistic, compuper science, and electronic. Libraries have always played an important role in teaching, learning, and research process. However, it has be found that not all student consider the library as critical to their study especially at the undergraduate level .Baker(1997) conclude that student mainly use libraries to accomplish course assignment or self-intellectual development. However, a meaningful use of the library in learning is depend on the faculty awareness ,recognition ,and understanding of its role in the academic achievement of student .thus modern library are increasing being redefined as places to get unrestricted access to information in…show more content…
Nonetheless, it also may contribute some advantages for users. This can be shown as they answering the provided questionnaire. From that question that will be provided soon, they will be asked about their frequencies of using the internet as their medium in searching information. Besides, they also might be asked about the ability of using the library material in terms of type and the service that being use the most in library. Lastly it will save the library organization due to major problem which is the decline of library usage that happens

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