Essay On Youth Suicide

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Good health in young age is central to welfare and considered the cornerstone for better life in adult age. Yet we do not make enough investment in health promotion for young people and once issues do arise they'll face barriers in access to optimum care [1]. Youth suicide is a major and tragic public health problem [2-4]. The term suicide, from the Latin suicidum (“to kill the self”), refers to a continuum of thought and action that ranges from thinking to completion of the act[5].Durkheim defined suicide as “all cases of death resulting directly or indirectly from a positive or negative act of the victim himself, which he which he knows will produce death” [4]. Suicide is considered the third leading cause of death; yearly about 4.600000…show more content…
Youth Suicide arises from the interaction of biological, psychological, social, cultural and environmental factors. Moreover, socioeconomic and psychological problems will stimulate suicide thinking (1, 9). Suicide Rates differ with socio-demographic characteristics as ethnicity, employment status, and occupation. Most people who end their life by suicide reported psychiatric disorders; particularly emotional disorders, substance-related, anxiety, psychotic, and personality disorders. Previous suicide attempts are a major risk factor. Suicide is also related to physical characteristics, physical health problems and risk taking behaviors as smoking and alcohol misuse. Family history of suicide is also an important factor. Exposure to suicidal behavior by others and in the mass media, and availability of means for suicide act adding a great motive for suicide attempts. Suicide is also linked with exposure to maltreatment during childhood especially experiencing sexual abuse (1, 5, 10, 11).Moreover, stressful life events, parental divorce, relationship problems, and socio-environmental factors that include academic or work challenges, sexual orientation are important predisposing factors (1, 5, 10,
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