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The book Open by Andre Agassi is an inspiring and motivating autobiography, Andre Agassi really does open up in the book and talks about all the important and life changing experiences that made him who he is right now. It isn’t like a typical celebrity autobiography, in this book he does not hide anything from the audience and what he wrote in the book are things, which we would hide from ourselves, but he is telling the whole world. My favorite types of book are autobiographies and this one is by far the best one I have read. I knew that he was a tennis legend and all of that but after reading the book I realized why he is such a great tennis legend. I myself play tennis and there were so many things I could relate to when he was talking about his childhood, I expected the book to be about him bragging about his titles and accomplishments but really him just telling us about his life story. Andre Agassi’s father used to string tennis racquets and it was his father that pushed him into the court, Andre Agassi himself has stated “I have always hated tennis.” Andre Agassi was never interested in playing tennis and the reason he continued to play was because he didn’t know how to do anything else. Although the book was amazing I was extremely frustrated and disappointed with the main…show more content…
. . how a lifestyle of a tennis player is and how much dedication and hard work gets put into every shot. I learnt techniques of how to play shots and I learned some new words. I basically learned how 60% of his life went by and the way the author writes the book it is easy to imagine the scene in your head, as if you’re watching it on T.V. I also learned if put your mind to stop you nothing can stop you, for example Andre Agassi became world no.1 at the age of 35 when Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer were on the rise and he still had to face his biggest rival, Pete Sampras. I learned how to write a memoir with proper plots and words to describe

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