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Long term nursing care for children It’s a provision of "round-the-clock" care in a pediatric nursing facility for children who have profound disabilities and complex medical needs to children with acute illnesses, children with long-term conditions, children with disabilities and complex conditions ( neonates) , and children with life-limiting / life-threatening illness (end-of-life care). Lately few local community children’s nursing (CCN) services are able to meet the needs of all ill and disabled children. Research undertaken by the University of Central Lancashire and the University of the West of England for the Department of Health described the importance of reliable, accessible expert CCN provision to families to enable them to care for their child at home. A “comprehensive” service should be the bedrock of wider out of hospital services for ill and disabled children and…show more content…
The term ‘end of Life care’ (EoLC) is relatively new and includes wider aspects of care of the dying, for example supportive, palliative and terminal care and could go on for the last years, months or weeks of life. When caring for children at the end of their lives in the home setting it will be important for you to understand some of different approaches to care and how these are implemented. The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is a systematic evidence-based approach to optimizing care for children nearing the end of life delivered by generalist providers. It is concerned with helping children to live well until the end of life and includes care in the final year of life for children with any end stage illness in any setting. GSF improves the quality, coordination and organization of care in primary care, care homes and acute hospitals. This enables more children to receive the type of care they want, in their preferred place, with greater cost efficiency through reduced

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