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Presidential Power Paper The presidential power has expanded since the ratification of the Constitution as the growth of the nation’s wealth and influence in the world has grown. The United States has risen to the status of a world power. The 21st century has led to a different presidency than the one created in the 1700s. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson did shape the presidency into a more influential position by early 1800s. The 1800s until 1930s Congress was the dominant branch of the national government. Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson provided a turning point that came with Franklin Roosevelt…show more content…
Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus and jailed people suspected of disloyalty. Habeas Corpus is the right to an appearance in court. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson also expanded powers that the presidency had not seen before. Congress and Roosevelt worked together closely with messages that defined Roosevelts legislative powers. Roosevelt took the lead in developing the international power of the United States. Wilson helped formulate bills that were being considered by Congress. World War 1 allowed Wilson the opportunity to take a leading role in international affairs as well. President Franklin Roosevelt led the nation through the crisis of the Great Depression and World War II and was elected into the presidency four times. Franklin Roosevelt has gained great power through his New Deal programs to regulate the economy. Word War II required him to lead the country in foreign affairs. The powers of the modern presidency have been shaped by a combination of constitutional and evolutionary powers all the years. “The forceful personalities of strong Presidents have expanded the role far beyond the greatest fears of the antifederalists of the late…show more content…
Wars and emergencies as you have read change the expansion of the presidential powers but so has media coverage. The media has magnified the power of the presidency. The President is the focus of national power. The dominance of social media and television is increasingly identified the image our attention with the image of the President that is in office at that time. The President is seen speaking for the nation and to the nation. The attention that the President can demand from the media can influence the nation’s political agenda in a way that no one else can even imagine. Citizens rally behind a President and the popularity begins for that President. The President represents country that Americans are proud of and the President’s ability to use popular culture for political benefit is enhanced by this. As technological advances in surveillance and other forms of investigations are made, so does the power of the President. Other branches of the government have responded to the expansion of the presidential

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