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SYMBIOSIS SCHOOL FOR LIBERAL ARTS “Democratic Traditions with Reference to the Deliberative Form of Democracy” Rawya Ouedghiri Hassani Professor Alok Oak Political science (309) Throughout the years, democratic traditions have grown. Specifically during the enlightenment era, the so called “ age of reason”, some brainy individuals started looking at how governance is organized, then they examined the standards by which they were governed. As simple as it may seem, each one of us can sit and contemplate the way they are commended and its drawbacks on the population. This examination that was done with high scrutiny has caught the interest of early political scientists who have adopted new fundamental and liberal…show more content…
Even thought the United States is divided into three branches of government and the president as well as members of the parliament are elected by the people and their representatives; the question lies in whether that separation of power is enough to bring the voice of the populace. Although, the current American President, Barack Obama, thinks strongly that the conception of the US constitution establishes a deliberative democracy. This leads me to think that even the US presidential democracy is somehow, partly deliberative. Another key point type of democracy is Parliamentary democracy that is also composed of a head state, government and a parliament. The head of state in this case can have different functions; he can either be a prime minister, an elected president or a monarch. In addition, the government is elected by the parliament and can be dismissed by it as well. One successful example of this is the United Kingdom, It is a constitutional monarchy ruling as a parliamentary democracy. Hence, in terms of the deliberative democracy, the UK has been trying to theoretically put some aspects of deliberative government into practice. For instance, they have associated these aspects with some form of public participation in policy making and polls as well as public policy alternatives. In conclusion, the UK has been on the verge of deliberative democracy, yet, it’s been trying to innovate in this

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