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ISSOURI PRE-SERVICE TEACHER ASSESSMENT TASK TWO (22,500 characters max – no more than 7 pages) The content focus must be Literacy if an Elementary Teacher Candidate. Directions: Type answers under each prompt and undo the “bold” print on the answer. Textbox 2.0: Contextual Information Guiding Prompts a) Describe your classroom. Include the grade level, content area, subject matter, and number of students. Provide relevant information about any of your students with special needs. My classroom is a first grade classroom, made up 18 students. I teach Math, social studies, science, reading, and writing in my classroom. For this particular lesson, I will be teaching math. Relevant information pertaining to my students includes, one student…show more content…
This pretest was given at the beginning of the spring semester and tested student’s basic early literacy skills. This pretest was given to each student individually. There are 18 students in my class. Each student was given a passage and had one minute to read the given passage. Each student was evaluated based on their oral reading fluency and accuracy. Each student received a score based on how many words they read accurately out of the total amount of words in the given passage. The student’s score was given based on the number of words read accurately in one minute. Each student was then given a score of either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. A score of 1 means that the student read 0-17 words correctly. There were 44% of students who received a rubric score of one. A score of two means that the student read 18-34 words accuratly. There were 16.66% of the 18 students who scored a 2. To receive a 3 a student needed to read 35-44 words correctly. There were 11.11% of the 18 students who scored a 3. Zero students received a 4, which would mean the student would have read 45-54 words accurately. Lastly, a student would have received a 5 on the rubric if he or she read 55 or more words accurately. Out of the 18 students, 22.22% of them received a 5. The class average was a score of 2.5 out of 5 possible…show more content…
My first focus student has a very strong reading accuracy rate. This student read 68 words correctly out of 73 words he read on his pre assessment, giving this student 5 on the rubric. This student excels in accuracy but needs improvement in comprehension of text. My second focus student received a 2 on the pre assessment. She read 34 words accuratly out of the 40 words she was able to read in under one minute. On the pretest, this student struggled with sight words, multi-syllable words, accuracy, lastly rate and expression. This student used a lot of word guessing strategies throughout her reading of the passage, meaning that she would replace a word with a different word that contained the same first letter as the correct word. ) Based on their specific learning needs, how will you modify the assessment for each of the two students? My first focus student has excellent accuracy but needs help with comprehension of the passages being read. This student is reading well over his grade level. I will modify this students assessment so that before starting the assessment I will inform this student that I want him to restate what happens in the passage after reading it. I will have the student restate what the passage was about in order to check for comprehension. This will allow me to slightly modify the assessment to push him further in his reading

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