Performance Appraisal Case Study

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2.1 Definition and Conceptof Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is the systematic appraisal of an individual with respect to his or her performance on the job and his or her potential for progress in that job. Thus, performance appraisal is anorganized and objective way of appraising the relativevalue or ability of amember of staff in performing his job. The two aspects of performance appraisal measured to be important are systematic and objective. The appraisal is said to be systematic when it appraises all performances in the same manner, by applying the same approach, so that appraisal of different persons are comparable. Such an appraisal is taken from time to time according to plan; it is not left to thepossibility. Thus, both…show more content…
However, most authors do agree that it can serve two main purposes in an organization, i.e., developmental and administrative. The developmental purpose includes identifying willingness of the employee to carry out the job, career planning, training, discussion and clarification (facilitate two-way communication), identifying needs in management changes, motivational and goal directing activities. On the other hand the administrative purpose includes pay based on performance, for promotion decisions, motivating employees, making transfer decisions, making layoff or termination decisions etc.statedby(Malkovich and Boudreau,…show more content…
To provide documentation of human resource development actions that can validate human resource decisions. According to Davies and Ellison (1994) recommended that the purposes of teacher’s performance appraisal are two types: the first one is formative appraisal which is developmental and used to identify the shortcoming and take corrective action to improve the quality of performance. The second one is summative appraisal in contrast to the developmental approach is a formal appraisal made twice a year. The purpose of summative appraisal does not seem to be about developing the strength of the employee but of defining the outcomes of evaluation and assessing their achievements by an individual. Mullins (1996) hadstated some purposes of performance appraisal. It can improve communication by giving staff opportunities to talk about their ideas and expectations and how well they are progressing, it can identify and individuals strength and weakness and also indicate how much strengths may be utilized and weakness overcome, and it can provide information for human resource planning, to assist successive planning to determine suitability for promotion and for particular types of employment and training. The process of appraisal can improve the quality of working life by increasing common understanding between leaders and their staff or

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