Factors Influence Individual's Behavior At Work

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1.3 Factors that influence individual’s behavior at work In accordance with Ghilardi, Gordon, & Ghez, (1995), the main elements that affect individual factors in attitude patterns include demographic element, expertise and capabilities, probability, personality and the behavior. Demographic Factors: The demographic elements include the socio-economic format, qualification, race, age, gender etc. Companies choose people who are associated with the better socio-economic format, have the high qualification, young, experienced etc. because they have faith that such people show high performance. The young and complicated professionals that have better education records and efficient communication abilities are always in high demand and the analysis…show more content…
Skills can be elaborated as the capability to move in the way that permits people to perform in excellent manners and the people attitude and working is highly impacted by capability and expertise. Any individual can work in the company if his skills and expertise are appropriate for that employment and the management plays the crucial role in associating the skills and expertise of the worker with the specific needs (Wong, 2007). Perception: The cognitive procedure elaborates the environmental elements in the meaningful manner that is a perception. Each person, depending on the reference can manage and show the environmental elements and there are different elements that affect the perception of the people. The analysis of the perception play key role for the management and it is crucial for the management to develop the positive working environment that workers perceive them in most positive manner. The workers are supposed to work better in case they perceive it in a favorable…show more content…
Individual such as Netflix as who adopt the approach to work for management but the top performer as McDonald’s who focuses on flexibility and the openness to change. The CEO of McDonald’s stated that; our complete faith is that in case we attain right culture than most of the other things such as distributing higher client's services or developing a long time enduring brand will just see in a natural way (McDonald, Thompson, & O'Connor, 2016). Disadvantages: Client's concentrated businesses operate just on the basis of the demand and wants of clients that can have an unfavourable influence on the innovations of corporations and when the business is customer centered they may resist the creative concepts for the betterment of the goods or create goods so they start the absence of creativity and the clients may have knowledge as what they demand, corporation must utilize the research and development to meet with concepts clients may not though of their own when they search their

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