Poverty In Rich Countries Essay

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In this day and age, poverty is the most troublesome problem which bears a great deal of consideration in many countries all over the world. In this essay paper, an overall view about poverty will be given, yet it’s not from perspective the poor countries but in contrast rich countries. And when it comes to poverty, mostly we will think of a poor under-developed country. However, the reality is not that simple. Most of rich countries now are also being confronted with this problem which results in an considerable amount of troubles to solve. A research of the Economic policy institute (EPI) Washington, D.C, US in 2013 show that there were around 28% of American workers that had to struggle to live on their wage is at or even less than $11.06…show more content…
After all, people will not just stand and look, many experts have begun to research for a proper solution, governments also went into action with various anti-poverty campaigns each year, numerous citizens have also participated as a volunteer and contribute their strength to help. Here is some practical solutions proposed by experts in the field. First ones, Financial assistance for the poor is needed. It is due the fact that not all of the homeless people could not stand on their own feet without help. however government’s budget is not only the ones to take responsibility but also charities will play as a massive role in this situation. A suitable explanation for this comes from the former president Reagan that they failed in the war with poverty because of the misunderstanding about the poverty as an objective situation but social construct according to the information on “Debatewise”

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