Persuasive Essay On Drug Abuse

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Anxious, irritable, and depressed. These are all emotions millions feel as they go through drug withdrawal, leading to refusal of ending their drug usage. While many choose to believe that weed is harmless, non-addictive, and calming, it also clouds their judgment. It is more likely for those smoking weed to become addicted to worse drugs such as heroine. Over 9.4% of the US population are using and abusing drugs. How does it feel to know that at least one baby is born every hour addicted to drugs? Their lives are forever ruined from an addicted mother who was addicted to drugs. Drugs kill you, literally. Drug abuse is deadly and should be controlled and stopped. A newborn; innocent, gullible, vulnerable. They are victims of a careless act done by many, just like you. A baby with drug withdrawal is born every 25 minutes. They live their first few days in complete pain and agony. Almost 13% of all pregnant mothers use and abuse at least one type of drug. What does this mean for the unborn babies? At…show more content…
Over 30 million Americans are currently struggling with substance abuse. The most saddening consequence of substance abuse is the neglect, harm, and maltreatment of children by their parents who are addicted to drugs. Imagine being abandoned, manipulated, and sexually abused by the people closest to you; your parents. Trust is ruined. If you think about yourself in the children's shoes, it's horrific. Not to mention, it is so much easier for the child to get the illegal drugs from their parents, especially if the adults around are always high. This causes later on use and abuse of drugs by these same children. But the drugs also make it more likely for a person to experience drastic mood swings, thus making the children unsure of how their mother or father is going to act on a certain day. This uncertainty creates a deep level of confusion and insecurity for the children which will be unhealthy for their future

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