The Magnificent African Cake Analysis

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The Magnificent African Cake, Scramble for Africa At the beginning of the video called "The Magnificent African Cake, Scramble for Africa- episode 6" made by Basil Davidson, it explained the time when African continent had old trading partners with European countries and how Europe betrayed and invaded Africa in the 1880s. Because they wanted new resources and raw materials for their industries, factories, and benefits for their business, seven European countries like Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and Italy invaded and conquered the black continent. In 1884, Europeans first organized the Berlin Conference to divide African countries, in which area they should control. That rival was called "the Scramble for Africa".…show more content…
Settles (1996, p.3) stated that long before colonies began in Africa, African states economically had developed a strong relationship with ancient Egypt traders. Particularly, West Africa had created a broad trading system in relation with Ghana, Mali, and Songhai for the exchange of gold and customs. Davidson (1984) explained in the video that before colonial time, African countries were rich for raw resources like diamond, cocoa beans, and rubber. Europeans started to occupy Africans because they found out that Africa countries were rich in raw resources. That was when conflicts occurred between Europeans and…show more content…
Many things had changed during and after colonial administrations around the world. Colonization had a huge impact on the economic system in a large number of different countries. Some countries have developed a strong international trading partnership after the colonial period; however, many still are living under the poverty, violence, and historical instability of the economy. Often they are described as developing countries. In addition, the original education system was changed when colonies settled in that particular area. Some got the benefit; however, many suffered from that educational

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