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Staying True to You Suki Kim is the author of “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits.” Her essay is about how she has to learn to accept a new way of life after her wealthy family loses everything they own. Suki has to accept the new life once they move from South Korea to America. She comes to realize that no matter where she is, she will always be the same person as she was before. She does not have to change her beliefs and finds relief in the fact that there are others who are just like her. Suki’s essay describes how she had to leave her millionaire home in South Korea to then move to Queens, New York after her family loses everything they own overnight due to bankruptcy. Once in Queens, Suki had a hard time adjusting to life in America. She explains the first words she learned being “F.O.B.” which means, “fresh off the boat”. This resulted in her having a hard time comprehending the phrase because she had flown to America, not take a boat. She then describes taking public transportation for the very first time at the age of 13. This is a drastic change for her because she was used to being driven everywhere by…show more content…
In the past I have attended school in five different districts. When I was younger it was easier to adapt because then, everybody accepted everybody. As time went by and the older I got, it became much harder to accept the changing of a new school. I can relate to Suki when it comes to the fact of being taken to a new school at the age of 13 because I was in the same situation. 13 is an important time in a teenager’s life. It is when they start to find who they are and start to show off who that person is. When one is taken from what they already know to being put in a new place, it is as if they have to start life all over again and rediscover themselves. It was almost as hard for me as it was for Suki to find comfort in the new surroundings. In the end we both found our

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