Causes Of Poverty In India

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Poverty is fundamentally the result of the way society is sorted out and assets are apportioned, whether these are money related or different assets, for example, access to housing, wellbeing, social services and education. Without a doubt, that there are altogether different levels of poverty, what this means is that every country faces different level of poverty due to their resources and opportunities. Individuals or nations that face Poverty additionally need to manage with inequality too. For example economic inequality, healthcare inequality, social inequality, etc. India Poverty in India is not a new story, it has been there a very long time. Poverty India intensified when they were ruled by the British, countless number of people fell…show more content…
In rural areas lack of proper infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications and other services has caused them to live in their old traditional ways which means more work and less income. In some areas where the people rely on farming and cultivation have droughts which leads to less production of food, so their income decreases and they also suffer from malnutrition and starvation. They have a political environment of corruption, nepotism and bureaucracy, with politicians who pretty much buy the poor families' votes with food, promises of jobs, and other things. People who live in rural areas do not find it necessary to provide their children with proper education and even if they change their minds the schools they are put in are very poor in providing education, so most of the time all the money and time spent goes to waste. Another cause is the Delay in implementing land reform, so vast expanses of land are owned by a few rich families who do not even produce anything while poor farmers need to rent land or otherwise work for pennies a…show more content…
Due to poverty people have divided into groups and fight over religion and ethnicity. It also led to a rise in rebellions as people protest against whatever they don’t like and no one is there to stop them as the police force has also grown weak. An increase in teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases has also been noticed. Poverty has also led to human trafficking, child labor and abuse of human and civil

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