Importance Of Urban Planning

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The broad outlines of current thinking are expressed in the Global Planner's Network document on ‘Reinventing Planning’, which looks planning as promoting integrated, inclusive and participatory development, in contrast to past technocratic and narrow physical planning approaches to spatial planning have also been emerging for some time, and there have been initiatives to develop more appropriate approaches for developing countries (Todes, Karam, Klug, & Malaza, 2010). Also, many international and nation level initiatives were taken for inclusive urban planning and participatory development process. At international level “Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment Stockholm in 1972”suggests a principle, which state…show more content…
“Nation Commission of Urbanization 1990”comments that planners have not taken cognizance of the predominance of the poor and the informal sector while planning for the urban areas and there is imperative need to awaken to this significant shortcoming and to readjust the planning practices. “National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy 2007, Government of India”intends to promote sustainable development of habitat in the country with a view to ensuring equitable supply of land, shelter and services at affordable prices to all sections of society. At the local level, cities should prepare 15-20 years perspective plans in the form of City Development Planswhich take into account the deficiencies in housing and urban infrastructure with special emphasis on the urban poor and indicate a vision based on various levels of spatial plans. One of the objective of “Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission, Ministry (JNURMM) of Urban Development, Government of India 2005” is, provision of basic services to the urban poor. “Urban Poverty Report 2009 -United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)”comments that with growing poverty and slums, Indian cities have been grappling with the challenges of making the cities sustainable i.e. inclusive, productive, efficient and manageable. “Rajeev AwasYojna (RAY) 2012,of Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MHUPA)”guides city master plans follow an exclusionary model that reserves land for housing for high and middle income groups, commercial, institutional, recreational and other uses, with no earmarking for Economically Weaker Sections and Low Income Groups. Besides all these the most important amendment of the constitution of India ask for planning at community level. The 11th five year plan of India vision statement was “Faster and more inclusive growth” while 12th Five Year Plan vision statement, is “Faster, sustainable and more inclusive

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