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When it comes to poverty, I used to associate it with the state of having little money, goods, or means of support in our day-to-day life, but now I have a clearer visual idea of what is poverty after watching the video called Poor Kids. Furthermore, another video named Inequality For All strikes a chord with me when I am understanding poverty. Poverty is one of the most serious problems in the United States nowadays. Chapter 5 in the textbook says that “in 2010, there were 16.4 million poor children in the United States, whose poverty rate is higher than for any other age group.” Also, it is said in the video that one out of six children are living in poverty. Poor Kids is a touching video that looks at poverty in the light of the kids who are…show more content…
Some images from the video still keep flashing over and over in my mind, which can easily bring me to tears when I compare them with my own childhood. There are three innocent and lovely kids in the video, Brittany, Kaylie, and Jasmin. Kaylie, a 9-year-old girl, lives in a motel because her mother can’t afford to rent a house or an apartment. There is no refrigerator in the motel room, so Kaylie has to get the ice from the ice machine and pour the ice into the bathroom sink to keep food fresh, such as milk and canned vegetables. Since they have to move from motel to motel, Kaylie doesn’t have a chance to get education. Another girl, Brittany, is a bit luckier that she goes to school and she is in the Nutrition Club Program. The program provides kids from poor families with a package of snacks every Friday. More often than not, her family eats pizza for dinner, because it’s way cheaper than fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. However, Brittany gains weight easily by eating pizza very often. To some extent, her muffin top is hanging out when she is wearing just a t-shirt. With such terrible living situations, these

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