Role Of Women In Modernism

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THE ROLE OF WOMEN AS DEPICTED IN A SELECTION OF SHORT STORIES BY KATHERINE MANSFIELD Any time I think of Modernism, the names of some of the greatest writers belonging to the literary panorama of the movement come to my mind. Names such as Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, James Joyce or W. B. Yeats are indispensable when talking about the movement that is often thought of in terms of experimentation with literary form and expression. Modernism was driven by its desire to go against tradition and by its willingness to express the new sensibilities of the time. Besides, many writers were traumatised by the horrors of First World War and thinkers started to question the rationality of the human being. It is particularly the desire Modernist writers…show more content…
The names of the stories are the ones that follow: The Garden Party, Mr and Mrs Dove, The Life of Ma Parker and Miss Brill (which belong to “The Garden-Party and other Stories”), Bliss and Pictures (belong to “Bliss and Other Stories”) A Cup of Tea (belongs to “The Dove´s Nest”) and A Blaze (belongs to “In a German Pension”). However, before starting with the analyses of the women found in these stories I must explain that I have chosen them because they display in the clearest manner the stereotypes of women belonging to the two groups aforementioned, although as I have said before, most of the stories belonging to this collection deal with the role of women in society. To begin with, the majority of the stories I am going to comment on (six out of eight, being A Blaze and Mr and Mrs Dove the ones that belong to the second classification) deal with women that belong to the first group. Thus, they are usually married women or daughters and as such they undergo an internal struggle that is necessary in order to “integrate their internal and external selves within the structures of a male-dominated society”

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