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In this paper I want to talk about my science fair project to discover how much energy it takes to dribble a basketball. I will talk about energy and two specific types of it: potential and kinetic energy. I will also talk about what is used to make a basketball and how the materials help with the bounce of the basketball. One of the first early researchers about motion, like the motion of a ball, was Sir Isaac Newton. He helped find out about potential energy. He also discovered kinetic energy Energy is the ability of objects to do work. Objects can have stored energy it is called Potential energy. Potential energy changes to kinetic energy when the object moves. Examples include holding a stretched spring and then releasing it or holding a box above the ground and then dropping it. Types of energy are. Kinetic energy which is a form of energy that is a result from an object's motion. There are many types of motion that need kinetic energy: Energy transition moving from one place to another, rotation, and last vibration. The measurement of kinetic energy in an object is calculated based off of the object's mass and velocity. It is measured in a system of Joules. Potential energy is a form of energy that results from an object's position. It is stored energy that can switch kinetic…show more content…
There also more factors that go into the basketballs making. Like the size, circumference, and weight. All of these factors play into the making of the basketball. Air pressure in the ball is measured in psi. Basketballs are used to play the game basketball. The bounce of the basketball is effected by the psi and the surface on which the ball is being bounced. What the ball is made of also effects the bounce of the ball. If the ball were made of cement it would not bounce at all. We already know that the ball is made of fiber and rubber. The fiber and the rubber play a key part in the bounce of the

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