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Tough (2007) conducted a research survey named “The impact of plastic bags on the environment and to find out the possible ways to reduce their destructive effects by making policies in New Zealand”. The research objectives were comprised of 4 aspects. Firstly, to explore the problems relevant to usage of plastic bags. Secondly, to study that how plastic bags were used as well as how to manage them properly in New Zealand. Thirdly, to find out how plastic bags had been managed in the international policy analysis, tackling plastic bags usage in New Zealand. The research methodology includes both interviews and questionnaire methods. Semi-structured interviews were conducted from each respondent and every stakeholder group. Mainly, five stakeholder groups were found in New…show more content…
The study helps to find out the possible solutions related to this problem. As a result, paper bags are suggested because they are less harmful for the environment as compared to plastic bags. In addition to that, bio-degradable bags and reusable bags were suggested. “Plastic bags are bad for the environment”, this statement is also supported by Adane and Muleta (2011) in which they discussed that plastic bags are creating so many damages to the environment along with agricultural fields as well as to humans and animals. They highlighted the name of agent known as carcinogenic which is used in the manufacturing process of plastic bags. The research paper by Moharam and Maqtari (2014) are in favor of the hypothesis that plastic bags are not good for the environment. Plastic bags are widely used everywhere due to its cheap rate, convenience and easy accessibility. They proved their study with the help of different experimental tests. Moreover, they also discussed that plastic bottles are also playing a hazardous role in polluting the

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