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Madonna; an American-born pop icon of the 80s, Famous for her fashion trends, chameleon-like abilities and her redefinition of feminism by Rosie Blood. During the span of two decades, Madonna, a global phenomenon, has been criticised for many aspects in her career; many of which would be found to be biased. Having a massive impact on society, she has certainly de-constructed any limitations that exist in today's society. Firstly, the question of identity; gender, social class, age, race and sexual orientation. She encouraged society's different subcultures to create their own identity and not to conform, bringing them into the mainstream. A huge influential role model, and counter-hegemonic force, Madonna is power. She has re-invented herself…show more content…
Madonna ‘wannabes' were seen shortly after imitating her peroxide blonde hair and pretty frilly pink dresses. (The evolution of Madonna's feminist message – 05/12/2015) But as her career progressed, she began to expose more of her body; appearing to be inadequately dressed her signature black bra became her symbol. Madonna uses clothing, whether it be a bra or a suit, to get women to explore in which identity has been grounded in society. The bra for example; originally used to mask a woman's sexuality and flattening the breasts in a masculine way, she took this opportunity to express sexuality and gender to empower women. She mocks all traditions, breaking down any restrictions and shows the world that there is an alternative. Designer, Jean Paul Gaultier was responsible for the renowned coned shaped bra corset; which has influenced many other artists such as Britney spears, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, ever since its first appearance and is still used in today's fashion shows. This particular garment was worn during her notorious performance ‘like a virgin', where the singer is seen simulating masturbation on stage. (THE MOMENT: Madonna's Gaultier cone bra – 05/12/2015) Not only did she make a fashion statement, she defined what was the social norm; a dominant group in power and to suppress the ‘other' and uses the video to de-construct the stereotypes. At no point in the video does she surrender her control; the male actor is seen a contrast between a person and a ‘beast' representing the male's likeliness to be the more dominant in the bedroom, hence demonstrating a woman's power of sexual freedom and taking them away from the traditional submissive role. (Madonna: A critical analysis – 05/12/2015) Designer Jean Paul Gaultier also hosted a fashion show in 1992, where Madonna took the runway by storm; uncovering her bare chest and nipples, expectedly

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