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Michael Gugliotta 12/7/14 Chemistry Period 8 Title: Calorimetry Lab Research Question: To measure the amount of energy stored in a peanut. Introduction: The term energy means the capacity to do work. Many different things have a different amount of energy (the capacity to do work). A peanut is one of these items. Peanuts come in all different sizes, so they all have a different amount of energy. There are two different types of energy. The first is potential energy which is the amount…show more content…
First, we had to set up the experiment. 2. Second, we had to determine the mass of the peanut and recorded our data. 3. Third, we poured water into a beaker. 4. Then, we found the temperature of the water. 5. Next, we put the peanut onto the paperclip. 6. Then, we lit the peanut on fire from the candle. 7. Next, we had to burn the peanut completely and we had to record the temperature of the water. 8. Then, we had to let the peanut cool off and record the mass of the peanut. 9. Next, we had to calculate the amount of energy in calories, using the formula: (m)(c)( t) --------------- t= t2- ti 10. Finally, we had to convert our calculated calories to kilocalories. Results: Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Peanut(m) 7.6 g 1.8g 1.8g Temperature of the Water 22 degrees C 25 degrees C 26 degrees C Temperature of the Water After Peanut Burns 24 degrees C 28 degrees C 29 degrees C Final Mass of the Peanut 5.2g 1.5g…show more content…
These results show us that throughout each trial, the temperature increased each time the burning peanut was placed under the beaker of water. This occurred due to the heat coming from the peanut. Also we notice that the peanut loses weight (g), after it is burnt throughout all three trials. This occurs due to the burning of the peanuts. The burning of the peanuts leads to a loss in calories. My hypothesis is supportive of my data. It’s supportive because we measured the amount of energy stored in a peanut. I found out that if there are more calories in a peanut, it will burn for a longer period of

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